Roja’s Friend Joining TDP?

Roja's Friend Joining TDP?


Is YSRC Party President YS Jaganmohan Reddy going to lose his party’s 23rd MLA to ruling party? Buzz in AP political circles suggest that firebrand YCP MLA Roja’s close friend and party MLA from Vizag, Giddi Eeshwari is likely to join TDP in a few days.

Eeshwari is a close aide of Roja, and the duo are two powerful women leaders of YSRCP. There are number of instances when Eeshwari and Roja joined shoulder to shoulder while taking on ruling party. These two have often highlighted that TDP doesn’t have strong women leaders who could stand before them.

Giddi Eswari
Giddi Eswari

Just a couple of days ago, Eeshwari had openly expressed her dissent with YSRC leadership over certain matters. Reports say that as she didn’t get any prompt response from Jagan even after her outburst, she has decided to ditch the party and join TDP. The very vocal MLA, who represents Paderu constituency, has already held discussions with her supporters and got positive feedback from them on her idea of joining TDP.

If Eeshwari leaves YSRCP, it would be a huge jolt to Jagan, who is currently busy with Padayathra. She has the reputation of being a strong leader in Visakhapatnam, whose tactical criticism of the ruling party established her as a key leader in YCP. Her defection means not just the loss of opposition party’s 23rd MLA but the party’s stronghold in Visakhapatnam district as well. Reports suggest that Eeshwari plans to join TDP on 27th or 28th of this month.

Irony is that while Jagan is doing Padayathra to strengthen YSRCP, his party is instead getting weaker with the defection of key MLAs.

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