Will KCR consider Dil Raju for the next general elections?

Will KCR consider Dil Raju for the next general elections?


According to sources presently speculations have been rife on Dil Raju’s political ambitions that are doing rounds for quite some time. His proximity with Telangana Chief Minister KCR and his roots being in Nizamabad district, there have been rumors that Raju would soon enter politics and may join TRS if all goes as per plans.

Meanwhile in addition to all these rumors, Raju’s films these days have more Telangana flavor and more significance to it. In Fidaa, Raju has Banswada as the backdrop where Sai Pallavi resides and the film revolves around her. Currently, in MCA, it is Warangal. Analysts stated that if this is not enough, Raju is even conducting the public events of his films in this region in order to woo the Telangana leaders.

Further it is buzzed that Raju is doing all this to be in the good books of CM KCR. KCR and TRS leaders are of the opinion that Raju is promoting Telangana State through his films. But many in film industry gossip that Raju has some hidden political plans that are why he is doing this.




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